Remember Aaron Miles? I imagine you were all too happy to forget the Mendoza-line (.200) hitting infielder when he went down with an elbow injury earlier this year. The Cubs were apparently happy to do so, as well, because once his disabled list stay was up, the Cubs buried him at AAA Iowa for a month.

But unfortunately, a player can only rehab for 20 games. Miles has actually already played 21 games for the Iowa Cubs this year, and against supposedly inferior competition, he’s hit .253 with a .267 OBP and a .299 SLG. That gives him a hilariously low .566 OPS, easily the lowest of any regular player at Iowa over that stretch.

Can you imagine if the Cubs decided to call up a minor leaguer with that kind of line?

I suppose that point is slightly unfair, given that Miles has previously demonstrated the ability to play adequately at the Major League level. There should be no expectation that he will not stink, however.

When Miles is called up, likely today, a pitcher will be headed out. Jeff Samardzija has been fairly awful and unused in the pen, so he’s the most likely one to go.

  • Jared

    Please don’t remind me. Can we just cut him? Trade him back to the Cardinals for chewed gum off the box seats?

    • Ace

      He’s getting $5 million to do this, too. I mean, it’s mind-boggling. If there has been one, consistent flaw in Jim Hendry as a GM, it’s this kind of shit.