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7 responses to “The Cardinals Clearly Sold Their Soul Before Acquiring Julio Lugo”

  1. coalminerd

    I have zero evidence to back up this claim, but it does seem to me that this rejuvinating power of going to the Cardinals could partly be caused by the fact that St. Louis has a very loyal fan base — so you’re playing in front of a bunch of people every night in a solid baseball town, but without the edge that playing someplace like, ahem, Wrigley has. So basically it’s Wrigley without the Curse, the Booing, the cramped dugouts and clubhouse. Sounds like a pretty good place to play, huh?

  2. rex

    No, it’s the Devil thing.

  3. Louis Cypher

    It wasn’t me. I don’t exist…

  4. Cardfan

    Don’t forget that we also took temporary control of Cubs management through a voodoo mind-suspension thingy and forced the signing of Aaron Miles…

    and watch out or you’ll end up with Wellmeyer in the Cubs starting rotation next year!

  5. Butcher

    You know, the Cubs have also had their fair share of successful reclamation projects and rookies coming out of nowhere to make a contribution over the last few years.

    If the Cardinals were truly charmed, they would’ve won more than 86 games since 2005. And I’m pretty sure if they sold their souls to the devil, they would probably crack 90 wins every season. But I don’t know how the whole soul-selling business operates. So I could be wrong.

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