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5 responses to “Dave Kaplan May Be the Most Overpaid Writer in the Cublogoverse”

  1. Butcher

    If you ever want a few laughs, take a look at Desipio’s site. He emasculates Kaplan on a pretty regular basis.

  2. Lok, I tend to agree with the original story’s premise (NOT his argument). While I think Z may be a decent pitcher, his emotions are all over the place and he allows them to ruin his ‘stuff’. At best, he’s an amazing #3, or a solid #2, in my book. Looking at the dominating pitchers of today and I see Doc, Johan, Cliff, Beckett, CC, AJ, Lincecum, and Haren, and I’d take those guys over Z any day of the week. I think Z has the stuff to be a great #1, but he lets his temper get in the way of greatness. I also think if you put Z up against the AL’s best bombers, he’d get shelled, especially this year since he’s having issues locating.

    Just my thoughts… Nothing against Z personally… just wish the guy would stfu and pitch :)

  3. Lok

    I can’t argue stats, but there are certain.. intangibles.. that just make me think otherwise. Can’t really put a finger on it. I mean, he could come back from this and pitch a no-no and I’ll have to eat my words, I just hate hearing comments like “at the end of my contract, I’m done”, and then crap like this.. He has so much talent, I feel it’s wasted.