The constant rotation of arms continues, as the Cubs just sent reliever Jeff Stevens back to AAA Iowa in favor of starting pitcher Esmailin Caridad.

Caridad has put up a 4.15 ERA in 23 appearances – all starts – this year for Iowa. He’s a flyball pitcher who doesn’t walk too many guys. Before this year, he was a rising star in the Cubs’ system, but has recently seen his star stall.

Interesting that the Cubs are swapping out a reliever by trade for a starter by trade. Does it portend fears that Carlos Zambrano and/or Ted Lilly will be out longer than expected? Does it mean the Cubs aren’t too confident in Jeff Samardzija as a swing starter?

Or does it simply mean the Cubs felt they needed a long reliever as opposed to a short inning guy?

Yeah, probably that one.

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