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7 responses to “Is Bob Brenly Turning Into Steve Stone?”

  1. Aisle 424

    Unless, of course, he sees the Cubs failing to make the playoffs, Lou leaving, and an open managerial position where a voice of opposition to the current regime may do him well. I find the timing of his sudden distaste for things that have been wrong with this team for years very interesting.

  2. TTH

    Um, Steve Stone quit on the Cubs. Twice, actually. So let’s not pretend that that bitter, penny pinching hack was some sort of victim. Brenly, unlike Stone, seems to have balls. he won’t say something, then run and quit.
    If he does leave, it will be due to getting a job in management, not as a publicity stunt. Something Stone couldn’t achieve in his wildest dreams.

  3. esd2000

    Bob wouldn’t be doing his job if he didn’t criticize the team for some of the boneheaded plays on the field that we all see. I know I see them. Throwing to the wrong base, pitchers not covering first, swinging at pitches 6 inches off the plate and in the dirt, popups not caught, not taking a base on deep fly balls, not having someone in the bullpen warmed up every time he brings Marmol in since he seems to load the bases in no time. By the way I was more in favor of Brenly instead of Lou back when they hired Lou. I was very impressed with the Dbacks win over the Yanks in the 2001 world series.

  4. jstraw

    Lou’s full of shit.

    “I don’t know what criticism,” he replied. “I haven’t heard any. I’ve been asked about it before, but you’re asking me now. I think our team plays hard. I don’t have any complaints.”

    We all saw his body language and the look on his face during the very base running shenanigans by Theriot that set Bob off.

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