It’s no secret that this year’s Chicago Cubs team is very, very well paid. With a payroll over $135 million, the Cubs are by far at the top of the NL Central, and have a top five payroll in all of baseball. And with a payroll like that, expectations should be high – for the players, and the man who assembled them.

That’s why general manager Jim Hendry is, understandably and correctly, accepting some measure of blame for this season’s failings.

And then quickly deflecting it back on the players.

“If things don’t go well, certainly it’s my responsibility,” Hendry said yesterday. ”That being said, we’ve got a real good team. We just haven’t played up to our capabilities. It’s kind of a mystery to all of us. We’ve got a lot of guys that have hit their whole lives who haven’t hit. We’ve done a very, very poor job all year of hitting with men on base. So it’s frustrating.”

“We haven’t, what I consider, come close to playing even the level we were playing after the break,” he continued, adding that: “We’ve got to grind through it, we’ve got to play our best, we’ve got to play hurt, we’ve got to play sick. We’ve put ourselves in a very tough spot and we’ve got to find a way to get out of it.”

Ah, did you catch that? I take responsibility, but the players have sucked and have stunk it up lately, putting the team way out of first.

Yes, I’m sure Hendry hopes “we” can find a way back into first.

  • John Walsh

    You must make some sort of deal get a relief pitcher. Need a shot in the arm

    • Ace

      I’m thinking it’s probably too late for that. If the team, as constituted, can’t win, one reliever won’t do the trick.

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