Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella’s agreement with the Chicago Cubs was bumped last year to run through the 2010 season. But that didn’t necessarily mean the elder statesman would actually return next year, especially after a disastrous 2009 campaign.

Well, the season isn’t over – so I guess “disastrous” is technically jumping the gun – but Lou Piniella has already confirmed he wants to come back next year. Presumably, he’s already jumped that gun, and knows he won’t be going out on top this year.


”I’m planning to come back next year,” he said before the Cubs lost to the Dodgers 2-1 in Los Angeles.

A team source said Piniella, who turns 66 on Friday, mentioned his decision recently as the Ricketts family and Tribune Co. closed in on the sale agreement, which is expected to remove some of the restrictions the front office has faced in 2½ years of ownership flux.

Asked about the influence of that on his decision, Piniella said, ”This [sale agreement] is good for a lot of people in the organization. We can do some things going forward. But that’s been my plan, to come back next year.” CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.

Piniella, one of the most expensive managers in baseball, will have to do much more next year to earn his keep. It starts with more reasonable lineup decisions, and it ends with acting a little less befuddled at every twist and turn.

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