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5 responses to “Milton Bradley is Tired of Getting Teased by the Popular Girls”

  1. Scarey

    So… should he not answer the question when Sullivan asks it? I guess he could and have that little bastard make up whatever he wants afterward.

    He’s frustrated like everyone else on the team, he’s not a robot. At least he’s not showing his frustration by throwing a plastic bottle on the ground while while yelling at a fan or yelling at umpires and getting tackled by his manager.

  2. AndCounting

    Wow. Not reading his entire quote, even though you posted it, seems a little silly. He basically said that he IS dealing with it, and you respond by telling him to deal with it.

    There are few pursuits less worthwhile than overanalyzing what athletes say to the press. If that’s how you deal with the Cubs stinking so bad (it hasn’t been fun, I know) then so be it. To some extent, I blame the press for giving more attention to the “hatred” line than Milton Bradley did. They turn one offhand remark from Milton into the subject of his thesis. So he doesn’t feel comfortable at Wrigley but is trying to make the most of it. Ooooh, how DARE he?!?

    And, come on, are you really that incredulous with doubt over the hatred? Are you saying there aren’t Cub fans who hate Milton Bradley? Is that the statement you’re trying to make: no one here hates Milton Bradley?

    I just don’t understand the anger, here. Some Cub fans, who probably are even more vocal about it when they’ve had a few beers and Milton Bradley is 20 feet away, hate Milton Bradley. He feels uncomfortable at Wrigley. Some reporter probably asks him if he feels more comfortable now after his 4-hit game in a blowout loss. He says he doesn’t feel comfortable, but he just has to deal with it, and he believes he and his teammates can. I don’t get why that makes you or the Chicago columnists mad.

    And people wonder why athletes give canned answers. Maybe it’s because even the benign genuine answers get skewered and roasted.

  3. rex

    Milton would be better served keeping his mouth shut. He can’t win with the media, and that is a monster he has created.

    I won’t take too seriously this quote from him, or use it against him, but he seems to have a “me against the world complex” that drives him on a daily basis. Who knows where this stems from, and I really don’t care, as long as he uses it for success on the field.