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Month: August 2009

The Cubs Are Getting Sued

And no, not by the fans who’ve seen their ticket dollars evaporate like morning dew met by the heat of mid-day. No, this is actually kind of sad: The family of a 21-year-old man who died in 2007 after a Cubs-owned car wash next to Wrigley Field collapsed on him during a violent August storm […]

Obsessive New Ownerwatch: The Deal is Done

According to Dave Kaplan, the Cubs sale is done. Interestingly, the sale price was $845 million, not the $900 million originally reported as accepted. The next owners’ meeting isn’t until November, but the approval from them may yet come sooner.

Mark Prior Plans to Pitch in the Big Leagues Again

Last year, Mark Prior was on a big league deal with the San Diego Padres as he rehabbed from another shoulder injury and surgery. This year, he returned to the Padres on a minor league deal, still trying to make it back to a big league mound. It didn’t work out, and the Padres released […]

God’s Wrathwatch: Zambrano Has Successful Rehab Start

Carlos Zambrano threw five innings last night for A ball Peoria, and things went well. Not only in result, but in how he felt. Pitching against the Clinton LumberKings, Zambrano tossed 5 uneventful innings, giving up 4 hits and no runs. He walked none, struck out five and uncorked 1 wild pitch. Zambrano threw 76 […]

Obsessive New Ownerwatch: It’s Gonna Happen

The sale of the Chicago Cubs to Tom Ricketts is ‘imminent’, according to the Chicago Tribune. The final papers are expected to be signed within days, and then it’s just a matter of MLB approval (and, of course, the Tribune’s bankruptcy court approval). Both approvals are expected without difficulty. Yup. There’s not much else new […]

Jim Hendry Takes the Blame … Sort of

It’s no secret that this year’s Chicago Cubs team is very, very well paid. With a payroll over $135 million, the Cubs are by far at the top of the NL Central, and have a top five payroll in all of baseball. And with a payroll like that, expectations should be high – for the […]

Two Moves That Prove Lou Piniella Has Lost His Mind

Lou Piniella has always been a little quirky – at least in his time with the Chicago Cubs. At first, it was endearing. Then, it was tolerable. Now, it’s really starting to piss me off. I’m probably falling victim to the old “fire the coach (manager)” saw, but I can’t help it. This team is […]

What Will It Take for the Cubs to Make the Playoffs?

Speaking strictly statistically, things are not looking good for the 2009 Chicago Cubs. Last night’s heartbreaking loss (haven’t they all been heartbreaking this year?), coupled with the St. Louis Cardinals’ win over the Dodgers dropped the Cubs six games back in the National League Central. Though the Cubs are just five games back in the […]