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Month: September 2009

Lou Piniella Suggests that Milton Bradley is Gone

Although the prevailing wisdom has already been that Chicago Cubs outfielder Milton Bradley is not long for this team. But what remains unknown is just how determined the Cubs are to dump him and his $21 million commitment remaining over the next two years. If manager Lou Piniella is to be believed, the Cubs must […]

God’s Wrath Watch: Kevin Gregg’s Season is Over

Chicago Cubs reliever – not closer – Kevin Gregg suffered a cracked rib at some point this year, and now it’s going to cost him the rest of the year. The Cubs learned Tuesday that reliever Kevin Gregg, who struggled in August and September after a good first half, has a cracked left rib and […]

Lou Piniella is Angry, Interested

Carol Slezak of the Chicago Sun Times recently described Lou Piniella as “tired, cranky and disinterested” in this year’s Chicago Cubs team. Lou did not take too kindly to that suggestion. “I’ve been in it from the first day I’ve been here to the last day I leave here,” Piniella said. “I take pride in […]


Rich Harden Probably Won’t Be Back in 2010

Although Rich Harden has said he’d like to return to the Chicago Cubs next year, the Cubs appear to have other plans. “We’ll see what happens,” [Harden] said. “Hopefully we’ll sit down with Jim (Hendry) and talk about that. It’s a good city, good fans, good team … I feel like what we did this […]

Obsessive Bradley Trade Watch: To the Giants for Aaron Rowand?

Yes, it’s time for another obsessive watch. Harden’s shoulder largely held up this year, the Cubs’ new owner is all but in place, and Jake Peavy ended up on the other side of town. So let’s obsess about something we’ve already obsessed about for months: Milton Bradley. As the Cubs just finished a four-game set […]

Angel Guzman Did Not Break Derrek Lee’s Neck

Various reports circulated this weekend that the latest flare-up of Chicago Cubs first baseman Derrek Lee’s neck spasms, which have kept him out of the last couple games, was caused by a celebratory head smack by relief pitcher Angel Guzman. Once the OMG-this-could-only-happen-to-the-Cubs hand wringing was over, Derrek Lee took a moment to clear the […]

Milton Bradley to the San Diego Padres?

Although it is a near certainty that the Chicago Cubs will want to trade Milton Bradley this off-season, it is not a certainty that any other team will want the troubled outfielder. But even on the heels of Bradley’s season-ending suspension by the Cubs for conduct detrimental to the team, at least one team is […]

God’s Wrath Watch: Derrek Lee’s Neck Finicky Again

With a bulging disc in his neck, Derrek Lee has struggled this year at time, but he’s played through the pain. And he’s played himself right into the second best season of his career. Last night, the troublesome neck reared its head again. Derrek Lee was pulled from Thursday’s game in the ninth inning after […]


Obsessive Harden Shoulder Watch: Shut it Down

The Chicago Cubs have officially shut down pitcher Rich Harden for the year, which at this point just means his last start will be skipped. According to Harden, it isn’t because of the tear in his shoulder. Harden, a free agent-to-be, was skipped in his last turn through the rotation because of fatigue after some […]

Could the Mets be Interested in Milton Bradley? Carlos Zambrano?

Sure, the offseason isn’t here yet, but it’s never too early for crazy Chicago Cubs rumors. And that is part of our credo here at Bleacher Nation: we will bring you every Cubs rumor we hear, no matter how … out there. This one is probably best filed in the “out there” category. But still, […]

Breaking: Milton Bradley Will Not Appeal Suspension

Milton Bradley has decided not to appeal his season-ending suspension by the Chicago Cubs – though, he’ll be gladly accepting his paychecks along the way. Accepting the suspension came with an apology. Which pretty much means that the drama that is Milton Bradley isn’t going away any time soon. “I chose Chicago as a free […]