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3 responses to “Jim Hendry Says the Cubs Were Never Really Going to Make a Trade”

  1. rex

    I’m curious to know where Hendry draws the line of being in contention. Yes, it is possible that the Cubs can still make the playoffs, but is keeping Heilman a way of saying “we are going for it!”?

    Hendry seems to live on hope. He hoped Milton would change, he hoped no one would get hurt and the need for a guy like DeRosa would diminish, he hoped Kevin Gregg would become better, he hoped Rich Harden would stay healthy, he hoped Fontenot could suddenly become an every day guy.

    Well said when you write “hope is not a strategy when you’re a GM. That’s the province of the fans.”

  2. Steve

    Cubs can get rid of the following players…….Bradley, Soriano, Fontenot, Miles, Gregg,
    Now my wish list included, Carl Crawford, Podsednik, Cliff Lee and Placido Polanco.
    Hendry….start dealin’…..