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Alfonso Soriano Might Be Blind

Chicago Cubs News

Chicago Cubs left fielder Alfonso Soriano is probably going to be out for the rest of the year following upcoming knee surgery. While he’s out, he’s apparently decided to get a full physical.


Up first: his eyes. Soriano thinks he may have a problem with his eyesight, and wants to have an extensive exam.

”Not like a normal test,” said Soriano, who added that he can’t tell a difference in his sight from other years but wonders if an imperceptible difference has contributed to the worst-hitting season of his career. ”I had four or five people ask me about that.”

Players have their eyes checked every spring as part of their team physicals. But the exams aren’t extensive. CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.

The examination in spring is, apparently, a glance into the ocular cavity: yup, you have eyes. Next.


Brett Taylor

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