gods-wrathMore than a week ago, Chicago Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano, hampered by a bum knee, revealed that he was going to be having surgery some time before the end of the season.

And then that story kind of faded.

It appears that he’s going in for a second opinion, but that surgery – the exploratory-then-fix-what-you-find kind – is still likely.

Soriano will be seen by his personal physician, with a decision on surgery perhaps coming in a few days. He underwent an MRI exam Aug. 29 that showed inflammation. He hasn’t played in a week, though the soreness and inflammation has been chronic almost all season.


Manager Lou Piniella repeated Friday it is ”doubtful” the right fielder will play again this season.

”I think if he has a procedure done before the end of the [season], it will be to clean it out — that’s all,” Piniella said. ”When he left spring training, he was fine. Half way through the season, he started encountering problems with his knee. Next year, he should be fine.” CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.

When a manager reassures the fans that the player “should be fine next year,” that means the guy is done for the year. So let’s get on that surgery, eh?

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