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10 responses to “Carlos Zambrano and Milton Bradley to be Traded? Bruce Levine Thinks So”

  1. jstraw

    Zambrano. Not. Gonna. Happen.

    I. Hope.

  2. AndCounting

    If baseball beat reporters were given the standardized tests elementary school students have to take, I’m pretty sure Bruce Levine would score somewhere between the 1st and 2nd grade levels on the Reading Comprehension scale.

    Levine is a tireless worker who spends 80% of his waking life with a microphone in the face of some major Chicago baseball figure, so I have to give him credit for delivering a ton of sound bytes our way. But when it comes to interpreting what people have said, he has absolutely no clue. When I hear him conduct an interview on Thursday and then hear his reaction to it on his Saturday morning radio show, I’m always astounded by the ridiculous conclusions he comes to. He basically has an idea of what he expects to hear from the player/manager/whoever, asks his question with that in mind, the person tells him, “No, I see through your stupid leading question,” and then Bruce takes that as confirmation of his suspicions.

    When I hear Bruce Levine’s voice, I now try to ignore everything he says to introduce the audio clip, then take in the audio clip for what it’s worth on its own, and then tune out the senseless Levinese that follows. I dismiss every trade rumor claim he is making right now as a rule of principle.

  3. Butcher

    If we’re trading Z, I’m assuming we’re in full rebuilding mode. Nothing else makes any sense.


    Trading Z is straight ridiculous. I have been completely against the Bradley signing, especially living in KY and watchin another free agent up the road in Cincy KILL everytime he came to Wrigley…Adam Dunn (.282/37 hr/99 RBI). We could’ve signed him and gotten a sub-par right fielder who produces, unlike Bradley.

  5. Kerry

    I’ve always liked Zambrano but I think Ted Lilly is more deserving of the title of “Ace” this season.

  6. Not Qualified To Comment » Qualified Links

    [...] Bruce Levine seems to think the Cubs are looking to trade Milton Bradley AND Carlos Zambrano.  It seems unlikely that they would trade both, but if the Cubs can shed bad contracts, they should.  Which begs the question: is Z a bad contract? [Bleacher Nation] [...]

  7. Mike

    ok, for one, zambrano is not one of the best pitchers in the game. i’m not going to sit here and say that when he’s on with his pitches that he’s not a top 5 or 10 pitcher in the league, because he without question has the stuff to be one of the best. but common, if you watch him pitch you know that his arm is worn down by september, he’s a total headcase, and he’s not a pitcher i would rely on in october. they need to get rid of him, he’ll only add to the october woes of the cubs if he comes back next year and we make the playoffs. unfortunately, i think a lot of GM’s feel this way about him, and being as overpaid as he is (and not just a couple million, he is about 6 or 7 million overpaid) i dont think anybody will take on his contract with the issues he’s had late in the season