Chicago Cubs right fielder Milton Bradley left yesterday’s game against the Brewers in the sixth inning after perceiving some knee swelling. This is, of course, no big deal in two senses – it doesn’t sound serious, and guys are removed late for precautionary reasons all the time.

But Milton Bradley can’t simply let it not be a big deal.

Bradley did not want to talk about his knee postgame.

“I have knee inflammation,” he said. “I’ve had two knee surgeries. It happens when you have knee surgery, in case you don’t know.”

It’s uncertain whether Bradley will miss Friday’s game in St. Louis. Asked if he was day to day, Bradley snapped.

“What else you got? You got anything significant?” he said. “If you have some baseball questions, I can answer. I’ve got nothing for you.”

I promise I am not affirmatively trying to be a Bradley hater. I made my peace with the signing a long time ago, and ever since then, I’ve been trying to like the guy.

But he just makes it so damn hard when he goes off like this. He says stupid things for stupid reasons, and he does it with regularity.

  • xolager

    I hear you on the Bradley front. I don’t *want* to be a Bradley hater either, but he doesn’t make something as mundane as “forcing myself to like him” easy. Heck, I almost even bought one of the discounted Bradley #21 authentic jerseys at Wrigleyville Sports a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t muster the full energy required (or completely stomach the loss of dough).

    I think Bradley will be a Cub in 2010, though, and I think (hope!) he’ll be nails.

    • Eric C

      Thanks for the mention about Wrigleyville Sports! I know whatcha mean about being hesitant to buy a Bradley Jersey. I’ve heard that a lot in regards to Bradley and Soriano Jerseys. You could always get a Custom Jersey with Your Own Name on the back! As long as you stay a Cubs fan, that will always be a worthy investment.

      Otherwise, all our other Player Jerseys are 20% Off and Free Shipping on Orders Over $100. Hopefully, Bradley and the rest of the Cubs have a better season next year!

      • xolager

        Yeah, Wrigleyville Sports is someplace I always visit when I’m in Chicago. I’ve already got a Harden jersey (blue) and a blank jersey (grey), but I’ve never considered getting my own name on one…

        … “Dempster” or “Lilly” (or even “Bradley”) would still look a lot better 😉

        Dempster sure pitched well today. Too bad the Carpenter was just as good.

      • Ace

        Hmm, this developed into a very convenient advertisement. Who wants to give me $10 now?

        • xolager

          Ha, yeah, I was thinking the same thing…

          • Eric C

            Haha, sorry, not trying to spam your wall. We really just appreciate it when fans mention us on the web.

            Not sure how you feel about Bradley now after news of this suspension, but I think I’ve lost the last bit of respect I had for him.

  • Cardfan

    Interesting perspective on the police tape-encompassed crime scene that is Meltdown Bradley this year from Miklasz in the StL P-D:
    “..last season the Cubs got 49 RBIs in 85 games from Jim Edmonds when he signed on after being released by San Diego. And Bradley, who essentially replaced Edmonds as the lefthanded bat in the outfield mix, has 40 RBIs in 120 games.”

    I miss Jimmy – even when he was wearing blue…

    • Ace

      Yes, Edmonds was an excellent find last year. There’s no doubt he would not have replicated the feat this year, however.