We guessed that Milton Bradley’s most recent – and unbelievable – comments about the Chicago Cubs would lead to his walking papers, and in a way, they have. Within the hour, the Cubs have suspended Milton Bradley for the rest of the year.

General manager Jim Hendry cited comments Bradley made this weekend to the Daily Herald, in which Bradley spoke of the negativity he has felt from the fans, the media and even the Cubs organization.

“There are issues that we┬╣ve had throughout the year that in the last few days became too much for me to tolerate,” Hendry said. CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.

The odds of Bradley returning next year are next to zero now, but the question is: how are the Cubs going to unload him?

He was wildly unproductive this year, he’s got a healthy contract remaining, and now he’s been such a distracting misanthrope that his team has suspended him for the rest of the year.

Does that sound like someone another team is even going to want?

  • http://tenprairiesticks.wordpress.com xolager

    Wow. I didn’t think the Cubs would go this far with MB, but I’m glad they did in light of his recent comments.

    Up here in Canada I’ve heard rumours of the Jays being interested in MB, but probably only at a huge discount. As a plus, JP Riccardi is an idiot and can be duped.

  • MikeG

    What’s a misanthrope?

  • jstraw

    Someone that doesn’t like people.

  • Butcher

    Wow. When this signing happened, I thought of all the ways it could go wrong. And Milton has managed to hit every single one of those ways. Incredible.

    Could this signing have possibly gone worse? if so, I’d like to know how. It would probably have to involve the rape and murder of Wayne Messmer…

    • Ace

      He’s not officially gone yet…

      • jstraw

        He’s dead to me.