There isn’t a whole lot of meat on this rumor – well, ok, there’s no real meat on it – but MLBTradeRumors is reporting that Baseball Prospectus says some folks in Chicago believe a Jake Peavy for Carlos Zambrano trade could be in the works.

It has already been widely reported that the Cubs are expected to shop Zambrano this winter.

It would seem strange for the White Sox to deal Peavy immediately after acquiring him, especially if he’s healthy. And it would seem strange for the Cubs to deal Zambrano straight up for another hard-throwing right-handed pitcher.

Zambrano has three years at about $18 million per left on his deal (with a vesting option as a possible fourth year – if he’s in the top two of the Cy Young vote in 2011, or in the top four in 2012), whereas Peavy also has three years left on his deal at an average of $16 million per. He’s also got a 2013 option, but it’s a club option ($22 million (ha) or a $4 million buyout). So the difference in deals between the two is almost nothing.

  • Butcher

    No. No trade Zambrano. None. NOT.

    I’m tired of hearing about it. Zambrano shouldn’t be traded and probably won’t be. Enough with the rumors (not a slam on you, Ace, by the way).

  • Rocko

    the white sux would be stupid to trade peavy after they gave up alot to get him and zambrano with ozzie you must be special needs to think that will work.

    • Ace

      Although that was nearly impossible to read, if I read it correctly, you suggest that I’m stupid for thinking this trade would work. Did you, by chance, actually read anything I wrote?