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4 responses to “Could the Mets be Interested in Milton Bradley? Carlos Zambrano?”

  1. Butcher

    I hate to say it, but given the circumstances, a Bradley/Perez trade might be the best we can do.

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  3. george gollias

    Lifer cub fan and finally came to the realization of what exactly the cubs are so void of. I used to think it was talent in certain areas and then started to appreciate more the characteristics of the game that seem to win out, or at least go deep into the playoffs. The cubs have been missing this for decades. Winning and getting into the playoffs has become more likely in today’s game and format so we have had flashes of good luck and indeed some talent. But truth be told…when is the last time a cub team took the field and exhibited any INTENSITY? Any? Sure we had home run hitters by the dozens. We have had some brilliant pitchers, some now in the Hall. We have had great fielders, though not lately but in recent history. We have had colorful, personable players. But no player has exhibited the intensity that is easy to spot in the playoffs. Last couple of years when we made the playoffs we looked like scared deer. Leadership can be modeled by example, though truly the cubs lack there as well. But the lack of intensity from the pitchers to the batters and all the players playing defense is invisible. You can lead, and exhibit your talent without flamboyance but you can not hide intensity. On the bases, the mound, running hard and sliding harder. Aside of the long ball, some recent great pitching performances, and a few outstanding catches, the cubs have put their fans to sleep all too often and Jim it is time for change in more than politics! You have brought talent here and adding wins too but as far as building a team that has shown it can play with intensity…you haven’t grabbed that ring yet. I think that if you do…you’ll be able to grab the REAL RING for all of us in Chicago and it has been too too long of a wait!
    Thank you. G.S.Gollas Chicago. And leave Zambrano alone. Everyone spoiled the kid and he has to learn is all. He has his better days ahead of him and his passion focused will positively help the cause!