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Month: September 2009

Enhanced Box Score: Reds 7, Cubs 5 – September 12, 2009

Clearly Randy Wells does not realize that his quest for Rookie of the Year is about all we have to cheer for at this point. Also, Carlos Marmol did a nice job of living up to the don’t-use-closers-in-non-save-situations mantra. He must really be a closer. Still, a favorite goat gets the enhancement.

The Cublogoverse is Shrinking

The Cublogoverse has always been a fluid space – shrinking and expanding as new blogs pop up, and old blogs fade away. Usually, Cubs blogs drift out without much fanfare. A post every day becomes every other day. Then every other week. And then the weeks go by. And then, sadly, it’s RIP time. Blogging […]


Chone Figgins Loves L.A.

The offseason figures to be a-buzz about many things, one of which will apparently be an OMG Chone Figgins! watch. But for now, the impending free agent third baseman/utility player doesn’t sound all that crazy about leaving Los Angeles. “It’s always good to be wanted,” said Figgins, who will become a free agent after the […]

Jose Valverde: The Cubs Need a Closer, and that Closer is Me

After the disappointing performance of Kevin Gregg in the closer’s role this year for the Chicago Cubs, Carlos Marmol has taken over adequately, and is the presumptive favorite to return as next year’s closer. Gregg is a free agent, an unless he takes mid-caliber setup man money, he won’t be back. But that isn’t stopping […]

Carlos Zambrano and Lou Piniella Love Each Other, and All is Tranquil

When Chicago Cubs manager Lou Piniella yanked Carlos Zambrano from yesterday’s game against the Pittsburgh Pirates, Zambrano was visibly frustrated with the decision. Zambrano had pitched six effective innings, and is still only a few starts removed from the disabled list, so the move to pull him a bit earlier than was maybe necessary was […]

God’s Wrath Watch: Reed Johnson’s Season May Be Over

The news about Reed Johnson’s recovery from a broken foot has been a real bummer. Not so much because the Chicago Cubs would have been dramatically more successful with Johnson in the lineup, but moreso because he seems like a great guy who really loves the Cubs. So, the bummer: Johnson’s recovery has not gone […]


Obsessive New Owner Watch: Antitrust Approval

There will be no antitrust hold-up in the sale of the Chicago Cubs. Of course, given that there is not an even remotely conceivable anti-competitive element to the sale of the Cubs from one owner to another, this is kind of like reporting that the Earth did not split in half yesterday. But hey. It […]

Jeff Samardzija to Chicago

As anticipated, the Chicago Cubs recalled pitcher Jeff Samardzija – despite his atrocious final outing yesterday with AAA Iowa. Samardzija won’t be starting with the big club, however, as he’ll instead head to the pen. Of all the bullpen call-ups, look for Samardzija to get the most work.

Alfonso Soriano Might Be Blind

Chicago Cubs left fielder Alfonso Soriano is probably going to be out for the rest of the year following upcoming knee surgery. While he’s out, he’s apparently decided to get a full physical. Up first: his eyes. Soriano thinks he may have a problem with his eyesight, and wants to have an extensive exam. ”Not […]

Cubs Expected to Pursue Chone Figgins

You know that the 2009 season is officially over for a team when the rumors about their off-season moves begin to swirl. For the Chicago Cubs, it’s going to center on the bats. And the first name to pop up is Los Angeles (of Anaheim, of California, in the West, near Disneyland, not Disney World) […]


Jeff Stevens to Chicago

The Chicago Cubs keep pulling up the youngsters to join the big club. Today’s move saw reliever Jeff Stevens, who has absolutely dominated at AAA Iowa this year, come back to the Cubs for the fourth time this year. Look for Stevens to get a serious opportunity to make the Cubs bullpen next year.

Esmailin Caridad to Chicago

The Cubs continue to expand their roster to include young guys who’ve already spent some time with the big league club this year, yesterday calling up Esmailin Caridad. Caridad, 25, was effective in seven plus innings with the Cubs earlier this year. With AAA Iowa as a starter, he’s put up a 4.17 ERA. If […]


Thomas Diamond is a Chicago Cub

Today the Cubs claimed a player off waivers! But, he’s a 26 year old former top prospect who’s struggled to do much of anything outside of the operating room in the past few years. As Rotoworld says: He had been designated for assignment earlier this week. Diamond, the former top pitching prospect, is now 26 […]

Alfonso Soriano is Shut Down

The Chicago Cubs have decided to put down sit Alfonso Soriano indefinitely until/if his bum knee gets better. “The crux of it is his knee is not strong,” Piniella said. “He’s having trouble playing on it. In fairness to him, we’re going to have him continue to do his exercises with the trainer and re-visit […]

Bob Brenly Just Punched Milton Bradley in the Heart

Chicago Cubs color commentator Bob Brenly has become increasingly critical of this year’s Cubs club as the season wears on. And who can blame him? The Cubs have become increasingly criticizable as the season wears on. Yesterday, Brenly went on the Score and dropped a mini-deuce on Milton Bradley, the Cubs’ whiny, disappointing right fielder.

Cubs v. White Sox Isn’t Quite What it Was Supposed to Be

When today’s interleague, cross-town match-up between the Cubs and White Sox was originally rained out, the universe was quite different. At that time, June 16, the Cubs and Sox were both a few games out of first place in their respective Central divisions, but hope for 2009 remained at a high, and thoughts of 2010 […]