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Month: October 2009

Tom Ricketts Media Blitz

Tom Ricketts (ok, well, it’s actually the whole Ricketts family, but Tom is the face, and will henceforth be the proxy owner of the Cubs for all purposes hereafter in perpetuity) was introduced as the official owner of the Chicago Cubs yesterday. And despite an 11 a.m. press conference, which was supposed to be the […]

Koyie Hill is an Awesome Guy

Chicago Cubs catcher Koyie Hill stepped up for the team this year when Geovany Soto struggled and got hurt. No, Hill didn’t replace Soto’s 2008 production, but he gave the Cubs another option behind the plate, played good defense, and caught a good game. He did all that after sawing off a bunch of his […]

Chicago Cubs Working the Phones in Tampa and Toronto

The big move on the horizon for the Chicago Cubs is obviously dumping Milton Bradley. But that isn’t necessarily the sole focus of the Cubs’ offseason, and General Manager Jim Hendry is already reaching out to several teams about possible moves. Though, to be frank, most are likely tied to Milton Bradley. For now. General […]


Please God Not Gary Matthews, Jr.

Anaheim Angels outfielder (and former Cub) Gary Matthews, Jr., recipient of one of the most unwise contracts in recent years, has become inexplicably disgruntled. He is frustrated with a lack of regular playing time – playing time he would probably get if, you know, he didn’t suck. So Matthews has asked to be traded – […]

Payroll May Increase Slightly, But Might Not Include Any New Big Names

The Chicago Cubs sported a very healthy $140 million(ish) payroll in 2009 – good enough to top the Senior Circuit (with the New York Mets having about the same payroll). And it was worth every penny, right? Fans no doubt expect that payroll will increase next year, and it is expected to do so, incrementally […]

Cubs Prospect Kyler Burke Had Himself a Swell Year

The Chicago Cubs acquired a moderately nondescript outfielder from the San Diego Padres in the summer of 2007 when they unburdened themselves of uniballing, Zambrano-fighting catcher, Michael Barrett. That outfielder, youngster Kyler Burke, had struggled in his time in the low minors, but was still very young, so the collective shrug of Cubs nation at […]

Obsessive Bradley Trade Watch: Not the Mets

It was reported last week that the number of suitors for Milton Bradley this Winter would be “shocking.” That was quite a relief, because up to that point, all we’d really heard about were the teams that were not interested in Bradley. And the worst part was the fact that all those teams were the […]


Chicago Cubs Probably Staying in Mesa

There has been a great deal of talk about the Chicago Cubs heading to Florida for Spring Training starting in 2012, but in the end, it may be just talk. While a Collier County, Fla., group may well be serious in its effort to lure the Cubs away from Mesa, Ariz., the chances of the […]

Kerry Wood Confirms Racist Mail Rumors

During the Dusty Baker era, several Chicago Cubs players – and Baker, himself – obliquely suggested they were the victim of racist vitriol in Chicago. And it was not as if fans necessarily didn’t believe them – it only takes one idiot to write a letter – it was simply that, there was never much […]

Tony LaRussa Back to Cards, Mark McGwire to Juice Up the Bats

After reading the tea leaves, we predicted yesterday that Tony LaRussa would return to the St. Louis Cardinals on a one-year deal, and despite rumors swirling at the time that he was set to sign a multi-year extension, LaRussa instead re-upped for just one year, according to ESPN. We’ll have to see what happens after […]

Tony LaRussa Will Probably Manage the Cardinals Next Year

St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony LaRussa’s contract is up in a week, and he still hasn’t decided whether or not he wants to come back to the team next year. But he probably will, and he will probably be awesome. Insofar as managers are awesome, anyway. Said La Russa, scheduled to arrive in St. Louis […]


Bobby Scales to Iowa

I know what you’re thinking: why are the Cubs making organizational moves in the offseason? What does it mean to send Bobby Scales to AAA Iowa, when, like, nobody is playing? Well, the important thing is that the move opens up a spot on the 40-man roster – which now stands at 38. That means […]

Josh Vitters is Getting Better Defensively

Considered the Chicago Cubs’ top positional prospect, and top overall prospect since the moment the team made him the third pick in the 2007 draft, the primary knock on Josh Vitters has been his defense. A third baseman by trade, few scouts give him much of a chance to stick at the position when he […]

Cubs Interested in Top Cuban Aroldis Chapman

Cuban defector Aroldis Chapman is primed to be this year’s big time international signing for some team. The 21 year old lefty has a lot of teams excited and interested in ponying up serious cash. Given the Chicago Cubs’ uncertain financial situation, frankly, I had not followed the youngster too closely, expecting that the Cubs […]

Should Cubs Go After Dave Duncan?

Some folks believe Rudy Jaramillo is the best hitting coach in baseball, and he’s now a member of the Chicago Cubs’ coaching staff. Should they now go after the best pitching coach in baseball? Now that the Cubs have signed the supposed best hitting coach in baseball in Rudy Jarmillo (sic.), maybe they can start […]

Garfield Minus Garfield Plus Bartman

If you’re wondering what the heck this is, find an explanation here. After a tough season like this one, it’s easy to wonder what benefit Chicago Cub fandom actually supplies in your life. And on the approximate anniversary of the worst moment in recent Cubs memory, it’s even easier to wonder.


Jake Fox is Not a Starter – A Statistical Examination

On Friday, May 8, the Chicago Cubs were playing the Milwaukee Brewers. It was a nondescript, early season game. In the third inning, Ryan Braun drove a hard grounder down the third baseline, and the ball was destined for left field. It was a certain double until third baseman Aramis Ramirez, displaying excellent defensive prowess […]

OMG! Albert Pujols is Having Elbow Surgery

For those of you Cubs’ fans who relish in opponent injuries, stop. Not only because it’s tacky, but also because this isn’t one of those times to relish. The surgery isn’t expected to be a huge deal, and Pujols is expected to be back in plenty of time for Spring Training. St. Louis Cardinals first […]

Moderately Obsessive Hitting Coach Watch: Rudy Jaramillo is the Guy

The worst kept secret in the universe is no longer a secret: the Chicago Cubs are set to sign former Texas Rangers hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo to a there year deal. The Cubs will announce Wednesday that former Texas Rangers hitting instructor Rudy Jaramillo has signed a three-year, $2.42 million contract to become Chicago’s next […]

No Brad Hawpe for Right Field

If the Chicago Cubs are ultimately able to move Milton Bradley, they will have to find someone to take over his right field duties (or center field, should Kosuke Fukudome slide back over to right). But that somebody won’t be Colorado Rockies outfielder Brad Hawpe, who’d previously been rumored on the block. It looks like […]

Starlin Castro is a Stud Cubs Prospect

If you follow the Chicago Cubs’ farm system at all, that shortstop Starlin Castro is getting hyped will be no surprise. All he’s done is play excellent defense at the most difficult defensive position, and hit very well at high A Daytona, as well as AA Tennessee – all while playing competition, on average, three […]