A couple of weeks ago, there was a (ridiculous) suggestion in the local media that perhaps the Chicago Cubs should explore a trade with the cross-town White Sox, swapping big contract righty Carlos Zambrano for big contract right Jake Peavy. For a number of reasons, the trade makes no sense.

But that doesn’t mean there might not be something there.

Some baseball people believe the White Sox could have interest in the Cubs’ Carlos Zambrano, possibly even for the newly acquired Jake Peavy. It would be a way for two teams without much money to spend to shake things up, but wouldn’t Peavy have more value than Zambrano at this point? chicagotribune.com.

To the latter question: no, of course not. Peavy’s career has been a constant vacillation between unbelievable and mediocre. His career ERA+, 119, is well below Zambrano’s 127. And Zambrano isn’t coming off a nearly four-month ankle injury.

To the former point: is it really worth a move like this simply to “shake things up”?

  • Butcher

    Please no.

  • Mike

    If I were the Cubs GM, which we all pretend to be, i’d do it. Big Z’s antics are enough already. He’s not an Ace and, if anything, as of late, he’s a pretty good 3rd starter. Now I don’t know why the Sox would want him (or if the big boy would want to go anywhere with a DH), but if the Cubs shed his contract, that would be a wonderful thing.

    Now if only they can shed a few more awful contracts. Or maybe Hendry will take a pay cut to limit the damage he’s done. Here’s to more wishful thinking.

    • Ace

      Shedding Z’s contract is no consideration if the guy in return has a nearly identical contract.

  • http://424tales.blogspot.com Aisle 424

    If the Cubs are hell bent and determined to trade Zambrano, they need to trade him for good young talent. Someone who is almost there but not quite, and the team is getting impatient – someone like David Price (not saying the Rays would ever do this, but Price is the type of guy I mean).

    Trading bad contract for bad contract is just asking for trouble in a different form.

    • Ace

      Agreed completely. If you’re going to move Zambrano, at a BARE MINIMUM, you might as well open up some salary with the move.

  • Butcher

    Trading Z for Peavy is a wash, talent-wise, at best. And at least Z is entertaining and can hit. I, for one, kind of enjoy Z’s antics. I like having some fire on the team — as long as it doesn’t veer into Bradley territory…