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Why the Final Week Rainout and the Last Game Loss Were Blessings

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The 2010 Major League Baseball draft order is out, pending changes due to free agency signings, and the Chicago Cubs come in at 16th. That the Cubs are 16th and not 17th is actually quite huge: now, if and when the Cubs sign a Type A free agent who has been offered arbitration by his former team, the Cubs will lose a second round pick, not a first round pick.

Thanks to commenter N from The Cubs Fan for noting that, but for the rainout cancellation and the season-ending loss, the Cubs’ pick would have come in at 17. Unanswered prayers, and God opening windows, and all that.

In case you want to see the whole order, here it is as of today via

The order for the first round:

1. Nationals (59-103)

2. Pirates (62-99)

3. Orioles (64-98)

4. Royals (65-97)

5. Indians (65-97)

6. Diamondbacks (70-92)

7. Mets (70-92)

8. Astros (74-88)

9. Padres (75-87)

10. Athletics (75-87)

11. Blue Jays (75-87)

12. Reds (78-84)

13. White Sox (79-83)

14. Brewers (80-82)

15. Rangers (for failure to sign Matt Purke)

16. Cubs (83-78)

17. Rays (84-78)

18. Mariners (85-77)

19. Tigers/Twins loser (86-77)

20. Braves (86-76)

21. Tigers/Twins winner (87-76)

22. Rangers (87-75)

23. Marlins (87-75)

24. Giants (88-74)

25. Cardinals (91-71)

26. Rockies (92-70)

27. Phillies (93-69)

28. Dodgers (95-67)

29. Red Sox (95-67)

30. Angels (97-65)

31. Rays (for failure to sign LeVon Washington)

32. Yankees (103-59)


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