The Chicago Cubs sported a healthy $140 million payroll this year, and although it didn’t really help the Cubs win anything, it did give fans continued high hopes – including the hope that the Cubs would continue to have a payroll commensurate with their market.

That hope may be in jeopardy.

Whether [Ricketts will] bring an infusion of payroll cash over the $140 million, the Cubs figure to start with roughly $130 million to $135 million in projected salaries for 24 players — before moving Bradley — counting estimated arbitration raises and free-agent re-signings. CHICAGO SUN-TIMES.

That figure does not include pending free agents Rich Harden and Kevin Gregg.

Now, that does not mean the Cubs will not increase, or at least hold steady the payroll. After moving Bradley, the Cubs may decide to add another bat – one that comes with a significant price tag. But even if the Cubs hold salary constant, it will feel like a drop, given that they would, at that point, be paying Milton Bradley several million to play elsewhere.

  • Butcher

    That statement reads like pure conjecture. Has Ricketts actually said anything about payroll to anyone?

    • Ace

      Nope. But it sounds like reasonable conjecture to me.

      • Butcher

        The first move as new owner will be to drop payroll? Yeah…sounds like reasonable conjecture.

        • Ace

          It is in the context of the last paragraph of the post. Maybe he holds payroll steady – but since Bradley is eating up a chunk of that to play elsewhere, it is an effective drop.

          Conjecture, yes. Reasonable conjecture, yes.

          And hey, I didn’t write it. I just report it.