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10 responses to “Grabow Back, Fox and Fontenot Gone?”

  1. xolager

    I’m trting to figure out how the Cubs can get equal or superior value back in any alleged Fox trade? I doubt they’d be able to swindle some team for an impact middle infielder or center fielder. I’m a Fox fan and would like to see him get a shot at playing every day, but he has a lot of value as a big stick off the bench for the Cubs – and his price is right. He does seem like an AL guy, though.

  2. xolager

    I’m *trting*? Yikes!

  3. savant

    To me a Baker/Fontenot platoon makes to much sense to ever be considered.

  4. Lok

    Trading Fox? Srsly? Ugh..

    It’s not like we’re stacked with prospects people. And considering how he was batting clean up in a $140m line-up.. maybe we should take a step back and consider cutting our losses w/ some of THAT mess, rather than cut ties with a future…

    I’m about done w/ Hendry..