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5 responses to “Obsessive Bradley Trade Watch: The Giants Would Trade Aaron Rowand for Bradley Straight Up”

  1. Mike

    Do it.

  2. xolager

    I love these “obsessive watches”. :-)

    Rowand + $36M = Bradley + Baggage + $21M
    -(Bradley + Baggage) = -$21M
    Rowand + $36M = $42M
    Rowand = $6M

    Trading Rowand for Bradley saves you $6M as opposed to dropping Bradley outright. I guess the question is could the Cubs get a player as good as Rowand for $6M over three years?

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    [...] Apparently some official within th eGiants organization claims they would trade Rowand for Bradley “straight up”.  Rowand’s contract is way worse and has another year on it, but still you have to think the Cubs should do it. [Bleacher Nation] [...]