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10 responses to “Albert Pujols Hates the St. Louis Cardinals”

  1. Cardfan

    Nice header! SI already has the rumor that he’ll go to the usual suspects – Yankees, Red Sox, Mets.

    I know that it is hard to imagine in this Boras-infested league that a premier player would say that he does not worship at the altar of the almight dollar – or that he doesn’t measure his self worth on how his contract would rank in history. It is just funny to see how the press unearths a story in the most insignificant comments.

    AP isn’t going anywhere. He will stay with the Cardinals and it will be for completely different reasons on both sides of the negotiating table. The Cardinals want a face of the franchise that won’t disappoint with steroid scandals and tabloid bs. They want someone who sells tickets and they realize the collective breath-hold that takes place every time AP comes to bat in StL. Just the rumor of trade talks would be a PR nightmare for the organization.

    On AP’s side of the table, he’s looking for a positive legacy – both on and off the field. He hates being pitched around and he’ll want the Cardinals to step up for a #4 so he’ll see more pitches. He just wants to compete. He has too much respect for the game and would, in my opinion, take a discount for the Cardinals to secure the necessary talent. Don’t look for him to have the biggest contract in baseball next year (even though he deserves it on paper). He may end up with the longest one, though.

    And yeah…. I guarantee he is pissed about laying down for the Dodgers!

    I do believe that Holliday is gone. Can’t see him being able to deal with his playoff failures very well. StL fans are over it, however I don’t know if he will be. Be ready for some competition on Bay…

  2. Cardinals GM

    That’s one of the most foolish headers I’ve read.

    “Albert Pujols Hates the St. Louis Cardinals”

    Just because the guy doesn’t want to talk contract 1 freakin day or even 1 week after the season ends doesn’t mean he hates anything. He probably wants a break. And I’m sure himself along with many others are still a little bitter coming off a terrible series loss.

    You can keep dreaming, but AP is not going anywhere….

    1. Sarcasm

      Hello there Cardinals GM, I don’t think we’ve met.

  3. ambrosio

    i think pujols should stay with the cardinals
    even though they can do way better with some other team
    carndinals really need a good first basement and a good power hitter
    hitting over 30 HR every year everyone knows pujols can white the white ball pretty well
    pujols in one of my favorite players not only because of his power but his respect for the game

    1. Cardfan

      I miss my first basement. We don’t have ‘em in California – have to stick all the crap in the garage…

  4. Jonathan

    Pujols will stay with cardinals. I just talked to him yesterday. He said he’s good with 20 mil a year.