The question for the Chicago Cubs when it comes to Rich Harden is whether or not to offer him arbitration. If they knew he was going to be heavily pursued in free agency, they could more comfortably make the offer without fear that he would accept it.

Enter the early Harden speculation from Boston.

A number of executives and scouts in the game maintain that Rich Harden, who pitched for the Cubs over the past season and a half, is a likely target of the Red Sox.

Injuries have been a constant concern for Harden, but Boston would be comfortable with the power pitcher only making around 30 starts. RealGM Baseball.

Early signals like this are great news for the Cubs. Harden is unlikely to return for a variety of mostly contractual/payroll reasons, so if the Cubs can get a draft pick out of it, that would be the optimum outcome.

  • Scarey

    So Boston wants 30 starts eh? Harden has made 30 or more starts exactly once in his career. The last two years he has made 25 and 26 starts respectively and those years are known to be relatively healthy for Harden’s standards.

    Not trying to trash the guy, I appreciate what he’s done in Chicago. I just thought it was a weird comment for RealGM to make. It would be similar to saying the Cubs would comfortable with Fukudome hitting 20 HRs. It would be great, but can you really depend on that?

    Anyway, here’s to hoping Harden tips over into the type A category somehow, the Cubs offer arbitration, and Boston does sign him. A first and a sandwich pick would be great.

    • Ace

      I’m not sure we want him to come down as an A, Scarey – might scare of some of the suitors, or might cause the Cubs not to offer him arbitration in the first place.

      Also, I would be comfortable with Fukudome hitting 165 homers.

      • Sarcasm

        I’m hoping he does not become an A. But, I do hope he becomes an A AND we offer him arbitration AND someone signs him if that makes any sense.

        • Scarey

          That was supposed to be a comment made by Scarey.

          • Cardfan

            I never thought of Sarcasm as Scarey until now. Hmmmm….

        • Ace

          Sure. That would be ideal.

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