If the Chicago Cubs are ultimately able to move Milton Bradley, they will have to find someone to take over his right field duties (or center field, should Kosuke Fukudome slide back over to right). But that somebody won’t be Colorado Rockies outfielder Brad Hawpe, who’d previously been rumored on the block.

It looks like one name is off the books as far as a trade for suspended outfielder Milton Bradley goes. Colorado Rockies GM Dan O’Dowd tells Hall of Famer writer Tracy Ringolsby that he’s not moving outfielder Brad Hawpe:


O’Dowd tells Tracy: “The Rockies understand the value of Brad Hawpe on the field and off. We have no desire to move him at all. He has leadership ability and commitment to the approach we feel is important for a team’s success.” DailyHerald.com.

Hawpe is well-loved by Rockies’ fans, despite being a below average hitter (98+) away from friendly Coors Field. Hawpe is remembered by Cubs fans as the guy who hit the line drive that took out Mark Prior.

  • http://www.thefriendlyblogfines.com Matt Clapp

    I’d like to acquire Hawpe, even though he’s a mess in right field(aside from his arm that’s one of the best around). He’s actually hit more homers on the road in his career, and hit 5 more away from Coors in ’09, along with an .890 OPS. His career road OPS is .864, so he’s not your usual guy that puts up insane numbers at Coors and drops down tremendously on the road. There’s really not much of a difference, and some guys are going to hit better at home regardless.

    His problem’s always been hitting left-handed pitching, especially lefties with sweeping sliders. He struggles to stay on the pitch, pulling his body straight down the right field line. He has a career .294 average and .908 OPS against righties, .242 average and .750 OPS against lefties. If you’re going to get Hawpe, you better have a nice platoon partner to play right field.

    Anyway, sounds like it probably won’t happen.

  • Ace

    Good point on his home/away splits, Clapp. His 98 OPS+ is actually his tOPS+, which is just a relative measure to his home split – that means he’s, as you point out, actually quite solid on the road. My bust on the stat misread.