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11 responses to “Jake Fox is Not a Starter – A Statistical Examination”

  1. xolager

    Nice post, fun to read and ponder.

    I was thinking about this earlier, too, and it seemed kind of funny to me that Fox’s first half-season of ABs seemed to mirror the entire first two seasons of those of Soto. In other words, Fox gave us the Reader Digest Condensed Books version of the first two seasons of Geo’s ABs in a thrilling half-season.

  2. DK

    Holy crap….I ain’t reading all that!

  3. xolager

    Looks like the 2010 Bill James predictions are free online…

    For what it’s worth, they think Jake Fox will go .284/.339/.546 with 13HR and 44 SO in 218 PAs in 2010.

    Yeah, for what it’s worth…

  4. Pete

    A big difference between Jake and Soto is Jake has always hit the ball, look at his last four years and then look @Geo. Geo had two monster seasons, nothing before, nothing last year.
    One thing your Jamesian analysis did not take into consideration the last month and a half is the number of balls that Jake squared up that were caught, did’nt leave the confines because of a strong wind blowing in.
    He will be fine-as soon as he leaves the Chubs- there is a reason that they have not won a thing in over a 100 years.The second highest payroll in baseball and that’s what you get? Pitiful.

    1. Butcher

      The Chubs?