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One response to “Tony LaRussa Back to Cards, Mark McGwire to Juice Up the Bats”

  1. Cardfan


    My money is on “distraction and failure” – the ink isn’t dry on the contract and it already meets both descriptions…

    What team wouldn’t salivate over a .263 PED-enhanced career batting average? Maybe he could point to the success he had coaching Chris Duncan in the offseason (oops, Chris isn’t playing baseball anymore), OR that he coached Matt Holliday last year (oh yeah, Holliday started the year incorporating McGwire’s advice and then admittedly abandoned it in time to go on a tear with the Cardinals in the second half). Maybe he taught Skip Shumaker that annoying wrist-band re-wrap thingy before every pitch (nothing against Skip – love the guy).

    McGwire should stay in his self-described “past” and rerun the embarassment of his congressional testimony and false promises to a mother-who’s-son-killed-himself-trying-to-bulk-up-like-his-hero-McGwire everytime LaRussa tries to coerce him back into the limelight.

    Should give you some excellent material for next season, though…