During the Dusty Baker era, several Chicago Cubs players – and Baker, himself – obliquely suggested they were the victim of racist vitriol in Chicago. And it was not as if fans necessarily didn’t believe them – it only takes one idiot to write a letter – it was simply that, there was never much discussion of the matter. It was usually one off-hand comment here or there that suggested, but did not discuss, a racial element in the Cubs fanbase.

Well, Kerry Wood discussed the matter yesterday, and confirmed that several of his teammates received racist mail while they played for the Cubs.

“I know just from the experience of playing with those guys, and I’ve seen some of the mail that they get, obviously not a lot of us get that kind of mail,” Wood said on “The Waddle & Silvy Show” on ESPN 1000. “I didn’t, but there are people out there that got their beliefs.”

Wood said he saw some of the mail that was sent to former teammates LaTroy Hawkins, Jacque Jones and former manager Dusty Baker.

“It’s tough to sit there and read that,” Wood said, “and it’s tough to even understand what those players go through.”

Bradley accused fans of making racial taunts at Wrigley Field during the 2009 season, but he declined to give examples of specific incidents. ESPN Chicago.

What is wrong with some people? There were so many legitimate, performance-based reasons to hate LaTroy Hawkins, Jacque Jones, and Dusty Baker. Race is a totally unnecessary, and disgusting, reason to hate them.

  • Rappster

    It’s also possible for the effects of such letters to creep into someone’s play…

    When you talk about “legitimate” reasons to “hate” any of these people, are you talking pre-letters…or post-letters?

    When Henry Aaron hit his 715th home run, his mother met him at home plate, and grabbed him in a hug. She was hoping that anyone who might shoot him…wouldn’t do it if his mother were clinging to him.

    • Ace

      Rapp, I get the feeling that if I posted an article about how adorable puppies are, you would comment that some people eat puppies because they’re so ugly and delicious.

  • Butcher

    Do we know these letters came from Cubs fans? Any douchebag with a piece of paper and a stamp can send an ignorant letter to a baseball player.

    If this kind of thing can affect performance, perhaps we should start a similar letter writing campaign to Albert Pujols…

    …I kid. Maybe…