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Month: October 2009

Jake Fox is Not a Starter – A Statistical Examination

On Friday, May 8, the Chicago Cubs were playing the Milwaukee Brewers. It was a nondescript, early season game. In the third inning, Ryan Braun drove a hard grounder down the third baseline, and the ball was destined for left field. It was a certain double until third baseman Aramis Ramirez, displaying excellent defensive prowess […]

OMG! Albert Pujols is Having Elbow Surgery

For those of you Cubs’ fans who relish in opponent injuries, stop. Not only because it’s tacky, but also because this isn’t one of those times to relish. The surgery isn’t expected to be a huge deal, and Pujols is expected to be back in plenty of time for Spring Training. St. Louis Cardinals first […]

Moderately Obsessive Hitting Coach Watch: Rudy Jaramillo is the Guy

The worst kept secret in the universe is no longer a secret: the Chicago Cubs are set to sign former Texas Rangers hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo to a there year deal. The Cubs will announce Wednesday that former Texas Rangers hitting instructor Rudy Jaramillo has signed a three-year, $2.42 million contract to become Chicago’s next […]


No Brad Hawpe for Right Field

If the Chicago Cubs are ultimately able to move Milton Bradley, they will have to find someone to take over his right field duties (or center field, should Kosuke Fukudome slide back over to right). But that somebody won’t be Colorado Rockies outfielder Brad Hawpe, who’d previously been rumored on the block. It looks like […]

Starlin Castro is a Stud Cubs Prospect

If you follow the Chicago Cubs’ farm system at all, that shortstop Starlin Castro is getting hyped will be no surprise. All he’s done is play excellent defense at the most difficult defensive position, and hit very well at high A Daytona, as well as AA Tennessee – all while playing competition, on average, three […]

Matt Holliday Loves New York

Outfielder Matt Holiday, who provided the spark that shot the St. Louis Cardinals to the top of the NL Central and the postseason, is going to be a very expensive free agent this year. Some sources suggest he’ll seek as much as six or seven years, and more than $120 million. Good luck with that, […]

Rich Harden Has a Suitor

The question for the Chicago Cubs when it comes to Rich Harden is whether or not to offer him arbitration. If they knew he was going to be heavily pursued in free agency, they could more comfortably make the offer without fear that he would accept it. Enter the early Harden speculation from Boston. A […]

Neal Cotts is Rehabbing

Neal Cotts has been something of an enigma as a Major League reliever. At times, dominant against everyone; at times, he couldn’t even get lefties out. And then midseason this year, he went down for good – Tommy John surgery. So now he’s in the long rehab process, hoping to come back with the Cubs […]

Cubs to Spring in Mesa, But Say Goodbye to HoHoKam

There’s no place like hohohome. Unless it’s Hohokam. Oh snap! See what I did there? I’m so freaking witty. The Chicago Cubs, rumored to be leaving Mesa, Arizona to begin springing in Florida in the next few years, will be staying in Mesa for the forseeable future. But we can all say goodbye to the […]

So Taguchi is So Released

Sorry for the lame, but obligatory, “so” joke. Today the Chicago Cubs released outfielder So Taguchi. Taguchi, 40, spent most of the year in the minors, held in abeyance awaiting a couple Cubs injuries that never came. He will probably try to get another minor league deal next year.

Albert Pujols Hates the St. Louis Cardinals

Overstatement for effect. The St. Louis Cardinals, fresh off a playoff sweep, are going to have to make some tough personnel decisions this winter. And all of those moves could hinge on one move, that technically doesn’t have to be made until 2011. That would be extending the greatest hitter in baseball, Albert Pujols, beyond […]


Cubs Expected to Sign Rudy Jaramillo to Multi-year Deal

It did not take long for the Chicago Cubs to move on their new hitting coach. The rumors of the Cubs’ interest in Rangers hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo are not yet cold – they just started percolating three days ago – and it looks like it’s nearly a done deal. GM Jim Hendry has been […]

Houston Astros Interviewing Prospective Managers, But Not Bob Brenly

Chicago Cubs broadcaster Bob Brenly recently revealed that he still has a desire to manage in MLB, and that he listens when teams call. He would even be happy to take in some interviews. But the Houston Astros, who are searching for a manager, won’t be one of those interviews. At least not yet. And […]

Cubs Expected to Pursue Rudy Jaramillo, But Should They?

Yesterday we reported that the Chicago Cubs were rumored to be interested in Texas Rangers hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo to take over the void left by Von Joshua and Gerald Perry this year. One day later, every single news outlet is obsessing about the possibility of Jaramillo, following word that he’d rejected a contract extension […]

Chicago Cubs Considering Next Hitting Coach

The first rumor about a possible hitting coach replacement involves Texas Rangers’ coach Rudy Jaramillo. The Chicago Cubs let their hitting coach, Von Joshua, return to AAA Iowa. Joshua, himself, was a midseason replacement for previous hitting coach Gerald Perry. Hitting coaches generally receive too much of the blame when a team isn’t hitting, and […]

Cubs Sale Gets Second Bankruptcy Approval

I love how all of the news late yesterday was some variation of “Chicago Cubs sale gets bankruptcy approval.” Hoo-ray! Er, wait. Didn’t that already happen, like, a month ago? Yes. It did. The judge, Kevin J. Carey, in Delaware had already cleared the Tribune Company to sell the team and Wrigley Field. But he […]