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Mark Teahen to Chicago White Sox

Chicago Cubs News

Don’t you hate when people do those misleading headlines? I can’t
freaking stand it. So I refuse, even though this was a prime
opportunity, given the Chicago Cubs previous involvement in Mark
Teahen rumors. I could have said: “Mark Teahen is Coming to Chicago!”
And then pulled a switcharoo in the body. Nope. Not going to do it.

The Daily News learned the White Sox have agreed to send
second baseman Chris Getz and third baseman Josh Fields to the Royals
for Mark Teahen, who is expected to replace Jermaine Dye as Chicago’s
right fielder.

Teahen hit .271 with 12 homers and 50 RBI for the Royals in ’09, but
in 77 games lifetime against the White Sox he has batted .277 with 12
homers and 41 RBI, which may explain why they wanted him on their
side. New
York Daily News


Neither Getz nor Fields are superstar youngsters, so the price was
about right for the versatile, but never quite great, Teahen. He would
have been nice coming off the bench or in a utility role for the Cubs,
but here’s hoping they have their eyes on a nicer prize in a starting


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