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5 responses to “Jim Hendry Plans to Continue Unhealthy Infatuation with Marlon Byrd”

  1. D. D.

    Wait!! Even if we sign Byrd…. Bradley could still be a starting outfielder. The Cubs have been talking about moving player(s) back to their old positions.. Notice that is plural.. not singular…other than Fukudome there is only one other player that is not at the position he came into the Big leages at…. Soriano could be on the move back to second base.

  2. DaveB

    Whatever you are smoking that is making you think the cubs will move soriano back to 2nd, I need some of it

  3. jstraw

    Whether or not Hendry was once a good GM, he has completely gone off the rails. We are IN this mess because he had a hard on for just one outfielder LAST offseason. (Abreu…HUH? Dunn…WHA????).