Here’s a real double kick in the stones. See if you can figure out why:

The Rangers’ Marlon Byrd appears to be the Cubs’ primary center field target, and sources said Hendry will be able to sign another outfielder even if he hasn’t traded Milton Bradley yet.

The first kick should be obvious: tunnel-vision lock on Marlon Byrd is not exactly an exciting prospect, for reasons previously discussed. Might he be a serviceable center fielder for the Cubs in Chicago? Maybe. Is he likely to regress massively on the offensive side following a move from Texas (where he rocks at home, sucks on the road) to Chicago? Yes.

The second kick is less obvious: if the Cubs sign Byrd before dealing Bradley, do you think they’ll have much leverage left in Bradley talks? I mean, hello! Why the heck would any team give the Cubs more than a dime for Bradley when they know he’s now the fourth outfielder?

I know the Cubs don’t want to be held hostage this offseason by Bradley, but that’s a vice of their own creation. If Bradley absolutely must be moved, then he must be moved before another outfielder is signed (at least, an outfielder that is clearly being signed as a starter), otherwise potential trading partners can really hold the Cubs’ feet to the fire – moreso than they already can.

  • D. D.

    Wait!! Even if we sign Byrd…. Bradley could still be a starting outfielder. The Cubs have been talking about moving player(s) back to their old positions.. Notice that is plural.. not singular…other than Fukudome there is only one other player that is not at the position he came into the Big leages at…. Soriano could be on the move back to second base.

    • Ace

      Soriano’s body has betrayed him enough that he can barely play right field anymore – I highly doubt he could manage more than a game or two at second base.

  • DaveB

    Whatever you are smoking that is making you think the cubs will move soriano back to 2nd, I need some of it

  • jstraw

    Whether or not Hendry was once a good GM, he has completely gone off the rails. We are IN this mess because he had a hard on for just one outfielder LAST offseason. (Abreu…HUH? Dunn…WHA????).

    • Ace

      Sadly, that’s been his MO since day one. Laser vision on one target at a time.