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A few items to keep you afloat this Friday, in the absence of any real
rumor movement:

Carlos Zambrano won the NL Silver Slugger at pitcher for the third
time. And apparently this award is just like the Gold Glove: if you’re
a great pitcher, and you’ve won it before, they’ll keep giving it to
you, even though it’s supposed to be for the best hitting pitcher. How
in the world did Micah Owings get passed over? His .818 OPS would be
great for a position player. Zambrano’s .689 is studly for a pitcher,
but that’s it.

Interim manager Jim Riggleman will take over as the full-time skipper
of the Washington Nationals. Why do we care, other than the fact that
Riggleman used to manage the Cubs? It means that boothman Bob Brenly
will not be leaving the team this year, and remains a potential
candidate to take over for Lou Piniella after this season.
Additionally, he’s become quite a good color man. So we’re happy.

  • jstraw

    Bob has indeed become good in the booth but better than that, Len and Bob exceed the sum of their parts. Len is pretty much a slice of dry white bread and might be awful with any number of other color men. But it’s so obvious that the two of them actually enjoy each others’ company that listening to them work a game is like sitting in on a conversation between two, well-informed, knowledgeable friends. I’m not saying they’re the best home booth team in the majors but they’re the best I’ve heard. I get all the feeds on MLB.tv and have listened to a bunch of them and some are downright awful. no matter how I may feel about Brenly moving on to a managing job, with the Cubs or anyone else, if and when that broadcast team gets broken up, I’ll be sad about it.

    • Scarey

      I don’t think you’re giving Len enough credit describing him as dry white bread. I think he’s fantastic.

      • jstraw

        You’re right. He’s an excellent play-by-play man. I’m just saying he’s not an exciting personality in his own right…he’s a good guy and his personality comes through in the interaction with his partner. That he never distracts from the game on the field is a good thing. I also absolutely love the way he never competes with Bob in terms of baseball knowledge. He asks Bob good questions. Could you ever in a million years imagine Harry asking Steve an insightful baseball question? Or Joe Buck asking Tim McCarver one…or McCerver answering one for that matter?