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6 responses to “OMGranderson Watch: The Cubs Have the Prospects to Get Granderson, But Will They Use Them?”

  1. Aisle 424

    Marmol by himself would be an incredibly steep price to pay for a guy who strikes out alot and has declined at the plate each of the last two years. You don’t trade a world-class arm with dominant experience on the major league level for a better-than-average (maybe) outfielder.

    I’m not sold on Vitters and I’m hearing more and more about how he will not be a third baseman at the major league level, so I have no problem parting with him while his value is still extremely high. Vitters plus a major-league ready bat (Fox) and maybe another A level prospect with upside should be enough (and probably more than enough) for someone like Granderson. Anything else is overpaying and we set him up to fail like Juan Pierre coming for 3 high-level pitching prospects.

  2. Mark

    Definitely too steep a price for a guy that can’t hit lefties. Why do you think the Tigers want to get rid of him so badly?

  3. Jacob

    Josh Vitters, 3b
    Hak-Ju Lee, ss
    Chris Carpenter, rhp

    I’d deal those three from the farm system. But I would absolutely, positively, NEVER include Marmol. And that would be close to a final offer too. Maybe someone such as Heilman or Miles thrown in. But thats about it. Just me personally.