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4 responses to “Obsessive Bradley Trade Watch: Eric Byrnes is Popping Up Again”

  1. Scarey

    I really wouldn’t mind this swap for two reasons.

    1. This would free up some financial responsibility for 2011.
    2. The Cubs could probably squeeze a decent prospect out of the swap as well.

    The Cubs would basically have a very expensive and slightly less productive Reed Johnson. In fact, he wouldn’t be a bad platoon partner to pair with Granderson if the Cubs somehow swing a deal for him. It would just be the most expensive platoon ever in terms of production per dollar.

  2. Jacob

    If they could trade Milton for this guy and take no money on Milton’s contract, do it. Then release him. Or trade for a player to be named later if anyone takes him. But it would be cheaper to just release him than it would Milton.