The deal hasn’t officially been announced yet, but it’s expected to be two years and $7.5 million.

Hopefully Grabow turned a corner last year (as so many players do in their 30s…), and can be a successful staple at the back end of the Cubs’ pen this year.

  • KB

    When people list the stupendously bad moves that Hendry has made as Cub GM, they never mention these little ones. They’ll bring up Bradley (which was actually a calculated gamble that just didn’t work) or wasting full seasons while hoping Prior/Wood became healthy, but they never mention the 10,000 paper cuts.

    This deal is one of them. Overpaying a middle reliever by about 5 times what he’s worth, and for TWO years. And this is during an off-season where there will be so many available MRer’s that you won’t be able to swing a cat without hitting one.

    Baseball’s Isiah Thomas.

    • Ace

      I’m with you, Kabes. This is literally a perfect example of Jim Hendry’s greatest flaw.