Derrek Lee was probably the MVP of the Chicago Cubs this year, but apparently being the sexiest pregnant stripper in the club doesn’t catapult you into the upper strata of the adult entertainment industry.

Lee finished ninth in the balloting by the Baseball Writers Association of America with 66 total points, while Pujols was a unanimous selection for his third MVP award. Florida’s Hanley Ramirez was second, followed by Philadelphia’s Ryan Howard and Milwaukee’s Prince Fielder.

Lee, who did receive one second-place vote among the 16 cast with his name on them, did set a career high with 111 RBIs in 141 games this season and led the team with a .306 batting average. The first baseman hit 35 home runs, his highest total since belting 46 in 2005. In 2005, Lee finished third in the MVP balloting. Muskat Ramblings.

Here’s hoping Lee can repeat his performance in 2010, after which he will be a free agent. The Cubs do not have an heir-apparent in the system (though many feel that Josh Vitters’ future is across the diamond at first base, not third), so they may look to extend Lee this year. But they will have to keep in mind that Lee will be crossing over into the wrong side of 35 soon. I’m not saying he won’t keep producing, but it’s a consideration.

  • Jacob

    Isn’t there a rumor going around that the Cubs will offer Pujols a contract when Lee’s is up? Not saying there is any truth to it, but I must say, I would love it. I like Lee and all, but that would be amazing. And it just might be possible. Isn’t next year when they get a considerable amount money free?

    • Ace

      Well, a couple things:

      1.) I have not heard any specific rumors linking the Cubs to Pujols, but you’ve got to believe that if Lee were gone and there weren’t a clear replacement, the Cubs would kick the tires.

      2.) The Cubs would have to find a one-year buffer. Lee is a free agent after this year, and Pujols is locked up through ’11 (under contract this year, and then club option for 2011).

      3.) You are correct that a fair bit of money comes off the books after 2010 (Lee and Lilly), but more will open thereafter when Fukudome’s, Ramirez’s, Zambrano’s, and then (eventually and mercifully) Soriano’s deals end.

    • Cardfan

      Is that Supertramp playing in the background?

  • Rappster

    The wrong side of 35?

    Have you ever met a 35 year-old?

    You needs a mind what opens.

    • Ace

      35 isn’t old – unless you’re a professional athlete. Them’s just the facts. Especially in the post-steroid era.

      And was that 7 – 11 – 7 haiku intentional?

  • DK

    Go Crappster, Go!

  • Rappster

    Always intentional…

    You don’t know until you’ve been 35…take a look at statistics. Many players become much more patient, comfortable hitters with a little age. Reflexes begin to slow, but the mind often compensates.

  • KB

    I love D Lee, but you have to wonder what kind of nutcase voted him as 2nd best player in the NL this year.

    • Ace

      Well, it was probably someone who overthought the whole “most valuable” part of it.