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9 responses to “Derrek Lee is the NL MVP – Other Than Those Eight Guys”

  1. Jacob

    Isn’t there a rumor going around that the Cubs will offer Pujols a contract when Lee’s is up? Not saying there is any truth to it, but I must say, I would love it. I like Lee and all, but that would be amazing. And it just might be possible. Isn’t next year when they get a considerable amount money free?

    1. Cardfan

      Is that Supertramp playing in the background?

  2. Rappster

    The wrong side of 35?

    Have you ever met a 35 year-old?

    You needs a mind what opens.

  3. DK

    Go Crappster, Go!

  4. Rappster

    Always intentional…

    You don’t know until you’ve been 35…take a look at statistics. Many players become much more patient, comfortable hitters with a little age. Reflexes begin to slow, but the mind often compensates.

  5. KB

    I love D Lee, but you have to wonder what kind of nutcase voted him as 2nd best player in the NL this year.