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10 responses to “OMGranderson: Starlin Castro is Absolutely Untouchable”

  1. joe grippo

    I hope he’s not another can’t lose / five tool player like Felix Pie.

  2. VerizonWireless

    Oh you mean the same Felix Pie who seems like he finally turned it on for the Orioles? The same Pie who hit .265 and still continued to play fantastic defense? The Cubs whiffed big time with him. He’s 24 for god’s sake! He will be a star and all the Cub fans that wanted him out the door will kick themselves in the head.

  3. Kevin Gallo

    The cubs have enough prospects (for once), that they should be able to get Granderson. Without trading their top ones like Castro or Vitters. If the Tiger want a SS they have Lee and some of the OF Talent. In my option we should trade Big Z, before you all start saying “He has a no Trade clause”. He said he would go to New York, Boston, and Los Angeles. I am sure we can get some good prospects for him. I believe that Brandon Webb will be on the trading block soon, so that the pitcher I would like the Cubs to get. He is a sinkerball pitcher and would do great at wrigley.

  4. Mark

    Agreed. Everyone is ultimately on the trading block.

  5. Greg Tellis

    I was a pitcher in the Pac-10(8 back then). I drove from San Francisco to the Arizona Fall League and saw Starlin homer off a very live arm. Then he blew me away when he got FOOLED on a breaking ball and still hit the ball to the 385 sign in left center. At nineteen he hasn’t even grown into his body. Cub fans, stick with this kid.