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7 responses to “OMGranderson AND Obsessive Bradley Trade Watch: Resolution at the Winter Meetings?”

  1. Mark

    It also leaves one less place for Jake Fox to get at-bats. He might not be much of a fielder, but the guy can rake and needs to get 400 or so at-bats somehow.

  2. juniorbors

    I would like to see fox moved to the American league in this proposed trade. I think it is there where he would excel by getting the needed at bats while batting dh and playing the field. He will not get the at bats with the cubs team as currently constructed.

  3. Brian

    Isn’t the 3rd year of Bradley’s contract just an option? Wouldn’t that mean the cubs could decline the last, and most expensive, year of the contract and then ship him off somewhere… it just seems that a one year contract at maybe 5-7 mil would help involve more teams in to free up room

    1. jstraw

      No. He appeared in the requisite 75 games and the third year was triggered. We owe him all the money.