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Month: November 2009

Surprise: Ted Lilly Has Shoulder Surgery

Well this sort of came out of nowhere: Chicago Cubs pitcher Ted Lilly had arthroscopic shoulder surgery (layman: diggin’ around in there) and debridement (layman: cleanin’ stuff up) yesterday. Some ongoing shoulder issues were known, but surgery was not previously discussed. Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Lewis Yocum performed the surgery in Los Angeles. He found no […]

Chicago Cubs Rumors Out the Wazoo

There are so many Chicago Cubs rumors to report in this post that you are hereby forewarned about the semi-stream of consciousness that will follow. ESPNChicago’s Bruce Levine recently held a chat, which produced a whole lot of Chicago Cubs rumor nuggety goodness. Here’s the transcript of the chat, and here is a selection of […]

Starlin Castro is on Fire – Literally – Ok, Not Literally

At this time last year, shortstop Starlin Castro was considered a solid, but by no means studly, Chicago Cubs prospect. At present, it’s hard not to consider him the top prospect in the Chicago Cubs system. Starlin Castro hit his first homer and added a triple in the Mesa Solar Sox’s 2-1 loss Tuesday to […]

Cubs Not in on Studly Cuban Aroldis Chapman

If you were hoping the Cubs would go after studly, young lefty Aroldis Chapman out of Cuba, you can stop. The likely top prize on the free agent market this year is going elsewhere. Speaking of free agents, nobody asked, but you can cross the Cubs off the list of teams interested in Cuban left-handed […]


Obsessive Bradley Trade Watch: Re-Enter the Rangers

Just a few weeks ago, the beat writer for the Texas Rangers had some very strong words for those who suggested the Rangers may have some interest in bringing back Milton Bradley from the Cubs: it ain’t happenin’, stop thinking about it. Well, he’s changed his tune. The Rangers refuse to rule out the possibility […]

Wrigley Field: All-Star Host in 2014?

Among the tall list of tasks for the Chicago Cubs’ new owner is a reported interest in bringing the All Star Game to Wrigley Field for the 100th anniversary of Wrigley Field in 2014. The process, which involves a petition to the league, is expected to begin soon. “It would be off the charts,” Ricketts […]

Tom Ricketts Has Many Off-Field Plans for 2010 and Beyond

Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts offered his thoughts this weekend about plans for Wrigley Field, the surrounding area, and 2010 ticket prices. “We intend to preserve the ballpark and improve it,” Ricketts said. “It’s a special place, and hopefully, when we all bring our kids or grandkids here, they are going to have that same […]