The Chicago Cubs just traded utility players Jake Fox and Aaron Miles (that’s pretty much the only way you would ever hear them listed with the same descriptor) to the Oakland A’s for a few youngsters: right-handed pitcher Jeff Gray (edit, Gray is a 28 year old reliever, so yeah, not so much on the young) and minor-leaguers Ronny Morla and Matt Spencer.

This is all per Bruce Levine.

The Cubs to eat $1 million of the $2.7 million owed to Miles this year – given that fact, and the inclusion of Fox, you’d have to believe the three guys netted aren’t complete garbage. Tentative impression? Pleased. The Cubs moved two guys who didn’t really have a spot on this year’s team, saved almost $2 million, and picked up a decent, cheap reliever, a possible future bench contributor, and a high upside youngster.

We’ll have a more informative/evaluative update on the deal a little later.

  • Lok

    You’re happy about this? While I am no fan of Miles, Fox was the most consistent hitter we had last year (imo, no stats to back it up as I’m off to work :P), cleaning up for us when D.Lee wasn’t peaking and Aramis was injured. I don’t like this deal..

    • Ace

      Well, if you get a moment to look back at my ruminations on Jake Fox from about a month ago, my statistical review concluded that he was kind of overrated by we Cubs fans this year. You can actually just look at his final stats and see that he wasn’t really all that.

      • Lok

        Pfft!! THHHHBTTT!!!!! He just needs to learn how to hit a breaking ball and he’ll be fine 😉