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8 responses to “Chone Figgins About to Sign Huge Contract with Mariners”

  1. DK

    I agree now. You want make the sex?

  2. DK

    I question your ability to make a good…”point”.

  3. KB

    I don’t have to wait 2 years. I agree now.

    We already have a 3rd baseman. He’s our best player.

    (One note, though; OPS+ is taken from OPS, which is unfairly weighted by making SLG and OBP equally weighted, when OBP is actually more important. Thus, Figgens is an above average MLB hitter.)

  4. KB

    LOTS of studies. OBP is, by far, the best indicator of whether or not a team scores runs.
    SLG is second.

  5. KB

    Remember in “Moneyball,” when Billy Beane was saying that OBP was twice as important as SLG, but Paul DePodesta was arguing that it was four times as important?

    Those numbers seem too high for me, but they were definitely discussing the multiple studies on the subject, including DePodesta’s personal current and historic evaluations.