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Obsessive Bradley Trade Watch: Things Could Be Going Down Soon

Chicago Cubs Rumors

As we’ve said, Milton Bradley is expected to be traded this week at the Winter Meetings, which begin on Monday.


But it could be happening sooner, along with a signing:

Cubs signing of Mike Cameron is waiting on deal of Milton Bradley, which has been “imminent” for about 72 hours. Will Carroll on Twitter.

The Bradley deal, presumably, is for Pat Burrell. Where the Cubs go from there is anybody’s guess, but I’d bet dollars to donuts that the “imminence” is because the Cubs have a deal in place with the Rays, but are still trying to find a taker for Burrell.

As for the Cameron rumor, well, we’ll address that in due time if the signing goes down. Outside of Curtis Granderson, Cameron is the best of a whole lot of bad options in center field for the Cubs. But signing Cameron doesn’t necessarily mean Granderson, who makes a very reasonable salary this year, is out of the question.



Brett Taylor

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