Maybe the Chicago Cubs will look for a starting pitcher after all.

Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports has tweeted (what is the present perfect tense of “to tweet” – has tweeted? has twut?) that, among other teams, the Cubs are showing interest in Cardinals free agent pitcher Joel Pineiro. The Cubs have not denied this interest.

Pineiro, a type B free agent, has a renaissance year in St. Louis, with a 3.49 ERA and a scant 1.145 WHIP. He’s had an up and down career, but was always thought to hold a great deal of untapped potential, not unlike the nucleus of a plutonium atom.

If Randy Wolf’s deal with the Brewers is any indication of the market, however, Pineiro figures to get a multi-year deal approaching $10 million per. How could the Cubs possibly afford that, given that they can’t seem to do anything until they save 35 cents on trading Milton Bradley?

The good news is that it means the Cubs are at least aware of the potential issues in the rotation.

  • Cardfan

    My crystal ball sees Piniero as 4-0 with a sub-2.00 era vs. the Cardinals in 2010.

    People underappreciate this guy like no other. When I watched him pitch in 2008, he was, in my opinion, more consistent than anyone in the rotation. The numbers followed in 2009 and he is a solid #3 pickup.

    • Ace

      Or maybe Dave Duncan is just a voodoo genius. :)

      • Cardfan

        We’ll see if he can turn that fat turd Penny into something. $7.5M…good grief…

        • Butcher

          I actually think that was a solid pickup for you guys.

          • Cardfan

            I would have rather scooped Harden for the same money. Even better, I would have kept Piniero…

            I hope you’re right, though.

            • Ace

              I agree with Butch – I was pissed.

              • Cardfan

                I will take the concerns of the two of you as a sign of encouragement. Penny did say that he grew up as a StL fan and always “dreamed” of playing for the team. I’ll keep my expectations low and be pleasantly surprised with any upside.