Despite a wildly disappointing Winter Meetings, which saw the Chicago Cubs accomplish nothing – most notably, Milton Bradley is still a Cub, and pool of interested teams dwindles by the day – General Manager Jim Hendry is still optimistic that things will turn out all right when all is said and done.

Although he expressed disappointment at not making a trade, Hendry expressed confidence trades and free-agent signings could get done within the coming days and weeks because of the groundwork laid at the meetings.

“We paved the way for some potential bullpen deals,” Hendry said. “We had a lot of talks. We kind of caught up yesterday on some free-agent outfielders. The first couple days, we were meeting with teams. Yesterday, we met with a lot of agents. We feel like we’ll have some conclusion to some of the things we wanted to do, hopefully in the next week or two.”

Hendry finished the winter meetings with a rush of activity. His Thursday lasted well into Friday morning, as he touched base with teams on a potential Bradley trade (including Tampa Bay) and with representatives for free-agent outfielders such as Mike Cameron, Marlon Byrd and Rick Ankiel.

All three of those outfielders are in the mix for the Cubs to sign, but Hendry said late Thursday that he and assistant GM Randy Bush have not begun prioritizing among the three. Daily Herald.

Boy, I sure do love seeing Rick Ankiel’s name keep popping up. He’s clearly the kind of player this Cubs team needs: streaky, HGHy, strikeout proney, all or nothingy. Marlon Byrd is only slightly better, but is done in by the likelihood that Jim Hendry would give him a 3 year, $30 million deal.

And some groundwork has been laid for some bullpen deals? Well that’s just spectacular. That will fix this team. Forget the fact that there are already 12 reasonable options competing for 4 bullpen spots – keep adding!

  • Rappster

    Ace…you’re also the one who thought Maestri would definitely go in the Rule V…a point you’ve failed to address in the post mortem. Isn’t it possible that you’re the one with the flawed math?

    Neither you, nor I, has access to the inside line. And…quite frankly…you’ve got a decent brain, but it isn’t big enough to fill in these gaps.

    Show me the GM who gets everything right. It’s easy to pick from the outside, when you’re playing with house money.

    • Ace

      What an odd – if unnecessarily hostile – diatribe. I am not alone in my criticism of Jim Hendry’s bullpen fetish. In fact, if you have a mind to defend it, you would be in the minority.

  • juniorbors

    No one I repeat no one should defend Jim hendry. Sure it easy to critique someone when you never walked in their shoes but there is not one walk of life where anyone could get away with the type of carelessness that hendry has gotten away with. He has spent this whole off season trying to correct errors he has previously made aka Bradley miles Gregg and his hands have been tied by ridiculous contracts he has signed soriano Bradley zambrano and to some degree dempster. Tell me where you could make those foolish errors then being given time to correct them and still believe you would be employed? Ok, so maybe Lou has a word or two on who he would like to see signed. He needs a left handed bat. So Jim signs Milton. Well, who signed Lou? Jim. My personal opinion that in a city where Jerry Angelo Is being head hunted Jim hendry should have been long gone with his track record. Keep in mind its a what have you done for me lately industry, don’t tell my about d lee for hee sop choi or aramis Ramirez for a Pittsburgh organization that is clueless. Do something now or get the hell out.

    • Ace

      I have to agree with the sentiment, if not all of the content, of Junior’s comment. Hendry doesn’t have a move to hang his hat on in the last couple years. With the ever-expanding payroll he’s been given, he has yet to prove he can do much of anything with it.

  • Rappster

    Without the Ramirez and Lee trades…where exactly would we be today?

    • Ace

      How far back in the machine are you willing to go?

      • juniorbors

        Without the Ramirez and D Lee trades we would be exactly where we are today, without a championship. Rappster, do you give Hendry free reign because of those 2 trades? My statement is that Hendry had done well until 2006-2007 (Ted Lilly signing being an exception). Since then, it has be horrendous. If you need examples, it wasnt worth me even explaining myself.

  • Rappster

    Ted Lilly, Garciaparra, Dempster on reclamation, Reed Johnson…there’s a huge list of Hendry wins.

    And yes…Nomar was a HUGE win. He got hurt, but he was a huge victory at the time.

    Some are bits and pieces…some are big scores.

    This is clearly a generational issue. It’s about perspective. It’s about patience.

  • juniorbors

    Nomar was not a huge win. It was a huge acquisition but you could argue that Matt murton was the most productive part of the transaction. Its about the outcome not the transaction and nomar was never productive for the cubs. I am more concerned about results. Reed johnson was a nice pick up where nobody wanted him coming off back surgery but he is not a difference maker. Probably a platoon player at best. Dempster was overpaid after his career year and you will probably never see 17 wins out of him again. Well. I’m still sold on firing hendry.

  • Rappster

    Nomar was the big fish, and lots of teams wanted him…you can say you’re only interested in results, but every trade…every transaction comes with risk. Hendry got him.

    You want to stick to measuring results? I agree…results matter. Still, if you’re in favor of a trade happening, and then decide to kill the GM when it doesn’t work out…that just doesn’t make sense.

    • Ace

      The Nomar trade was a huge win for Hendry; I have to agree with Rapp on that one.

      Howeva … that was literally five years ago.

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