Do you have your gigantic grain of salt handy? Good.

Bob Nightengale of USA Today has tweeted that the Chicago Cubs are
“close” to dealing Milton Bradley to the Tampa Bay Rays. If true, it
is almost certainly for Pat Burrell, with the Cubs greasing the wheels
with some cash. If this is the trade, as it goes down, you can no
doubt mark it as a loss for GM Jim Hendry – not just because he signed
Bradley in the first place, but because this was the deal that was
always available. And after unsuccessfully trying to drum up interest,
he’ll be forced settle, hat in hand, for this swap.

Again – that’s all if this is accurate.

  • DaveB

    If Henry can still turn Burrell around to the Mets for Castillo, I think this is the best thing the Cubs could have hoped for in return for Bradley in his current context. None of the other players mentioned during the winter meeting rumored trades sounded as appealing.

    • Ace

      That window will close if Jason Bay accepts the Mets’ offer.