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17 responses to “Marlon Byrd? Get Excited!”

  1. Aisle 424

    Or it could mean that Rudy Jaramillo is THAT GOOD. Ever stop to think about that? Me neither.

    1. DK

      Were the Rangers too cheap to bring Jaramillo on the road with them?

  2. Ginger Russ

    If we get Coco Crisp and keep Milton Bradley, it’s like we’re kids again. Cereal and board games and hopping! YEAH!

  3. al

    I think our track record with former texas rangers outfielders speaks for itself…I.E. NO MARLON BYRD!!!!!

  4. kevin g

    Can someone please explain why they arent giving Fuld or Colvin a shot at center?

  5. juniorbors

    Heard Brandon Phillips is available. Even if we need to send more prospects over because he is in our division I would rather that then poor center field choices. Resign reed and platoon him with either colvin or fuld.

  6. juniorbors

    There is absolutely no way that a Baker/Fontenot combo could outproduce Phillips. 20-30 stolen bases – no way, 20-30 home runs – possibly, 90rbis – no way, average – probably not, with the mighty fontenot hovering around .250. I know Phillips is due to make 5.5 mil next year, didnt think it was anything near 17.75 for two, thats steep.
    Anyway, just a foolish rumor started amoungst friends – Boston is in the market for a 1st baseman with Youk moving to third, they have a surplus of outfielders with the addition of Cameron (even with Bay moving to Mets), but in need of a DH possibly. DLee and Bradley for Ellsbury and Lowell. Of course, Lowell and Bradley have bad contracts but we can move Lowell to 1st (if his wrist is deemed OK) but we would save money next year and this with Lee off the payroll. You would want to lock Ellsbury up for at least 3. He would be the leadoff and defensive outfielder you desire.

  7. elkhound

    If you can sign Byrd, you won’t have to worry much about run production out of second base. If you can’t sign him, there will be trouble. Reed Johnson and Sam Fuld. I am not impressed. Not impressed with Fontenot either, but you have to let one be. And who the hell is Baker? Geez, I miss Ryno!

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