Hold on to your butts. According to the Seattle Times’ Larry Stone,
the Chicago Cubs are planning to send Milton Bradley to the Seattle
Mariners today for pitcher Carlos Silva. The money aspect – which will
be very telling – has not yet been discussed publicly.

We’ll keep you posted as things develop, and should this God-forsaken
deal go down, we’ll have full analysis.

  • Mike

    I see a lot of grumbling about the fact that Silva’s contract is worse that Bradley’s contract, but the Cubs wanted him out of town and they didn’t want to eat his contract. I really need to see why this trade is so bad, understanding that it is crap for crap.

    • N

      It’s a bad deal because the while Bradley appeared to be unplayable for the Cubs, there’s reason to believe he could go back to being a moderately useful player for another ballclub.

      The Mariners saw Carlos Silva the same way the Cubs saw Aaron Miles last year – they gave him a chance early, watched him be awful and get hurt, gave him another chance, and then started making up injuries to keep him off the roster. There’s much less hope of a turnaround – the only reason they didn’t eat the contract was just in case someone else would be a sucker and pay a portion of the contract while taking the player off their hands. Jim Hendry is a sucker.

      • Ace

        The ridiculous thing is – Silva wasn’t even particularly good BEFORE his disastrous stay in Seattle.

    • Ace

      Bradley is approximately – and I don’t want to overstate it – one billion times better, as a ballplayer, than Carlos Silva. That’s my gripe.

  • Cardfan

    Is it appropriate to offer congratulations and condolences in the same communication?

    • Ace

      I will only accept your condolences.

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  • Butcher

    I just hope this is Hendry’s swan song.

    • Ace

      It’s sad that it’s come to that – I am not a reactionary “FIRE XXX” kind of guy, and I know you aren’t either. But here we are.

  • juniorbors

    This trade is trip aces at the bellagio. Can’t believe how excited I am. Silva is an absolute stud. That all being said. At least we got some money coming back which we can spend foolishly. Jim hendry, you complete me.

    • Ace

      You said it.